Curriculum Transformation

Curriculum Transformation

School of Medicine

  • Medical Immersion Program (MIP)
  • Health Coaching(HC) Online Module 2 Patient Centered Care
  • Split/Rotate Session 1 hour each
  • HC (3) Intro to Mindfulness
  • Curriculum Review
  • PCMH presentation
  • PCMH presentation within Pediatric Clerkship
  • Concepts of PCMH within Simulations and OSCE’s

School of Dentistry

  • MAPS
  • Vertical Integration
  • Dental Informatics
  • Practice Management


Conceptual Framework for the Effectiveness of the Medical Home

Source: The Medical Home: What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know? A Review of the Earliest Evidence on the Effectiveness of the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model. AHRQ Publication No. 12(14)-0020-1-EF. March, 2013.